The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Recently, when Laura called Dr Kumar’s office to check on a UHA medical dog, the office manager told her about a “surprise” she had had that morning. When she arrived at the office early to open up, she discovered a tiny, pregnant chihuahua, who had been abandoned in a chicken coop in front of the building during the night.

Gift is carried from the vet's office to the car.

Laura asked the office manager to send her a photo, and thanks to some quick networking by UHA volunteers, a foster home for this little one was found within a few hours.

However, during this time, it had become clear to the vet staff that the little chi, whom they fittingly named “Gift,” was already in labor and probably needed a C-Section.

Dr Kumar’s staff agreed to reach into their own pockets and pitch in what they could afford personally to help pay for Gift’s needed medical treatment, and UHA agreed to cover the rest.

We now believe that tiny Gift, who weighs only 6 ½ pounds, went into labor quite some time before she was found, and that when it became clear to her owners that she was in trouble, they tried to get her medical help by leaving her in front of a vet’s office. The C-Section saved Gift’s life, though sadly it was too late to help her puppies.

We are very happy to report that Gift is recovering beautifully and is now in a foster-to-adopt home. She has been renamed “Bitsy” by her new family, and was greeted with “open paws” by Emma Rose, another rescue chihuahua, and Lola, a lovely basset hound. We are told there has been harmony in the home ever since the sweet, gentle Gift arrived.

Gift behaved like the perfect little lady during the drive to her new home.

A final note: While UHA’s current focus in Los Angeles is on our Shelter Support Program at Baldwin Park, this work brings us into contact with both people and animals in the community in need of help.

We try to assist when and where we can to help these animals who would otherwise be shelter-bound.

Thank you for your continued support.