Help Network Animals

The Importance of Networking Dogs

On an average winter day the Baldwin Park shelter receives approximately forty dogs. This number rises to 70 dogs a day during June, July and August, It is a grim reality that the Baldwin Park shelter has only 192 dog kennels, and it has an additional 10 small cages in the medical room, which can be used for small dogs. Most of the shelter’s kennels have multiple dogs in them, and some are now holding as many as five small dogs. One only needs to do the math to see what we are up against every day as we urgently need to find places for all the unfortunate dogs who wash up at the shelter’s doors.

Because many of the small communities the shelter serves do not have any spay/neuter ordinances, the area has become a haven for backyard breeders and irresponsible owners. The result is a never ending crisis for the staff and volunteers who are constantly trying to save the wonderful pets entrusted to our care.

Each week shelter volunteers get together to produce quality pictures and videos of the unfortunate dogs who have ended up incarcerated at our shelter and are urgently in need of our help. Anything you can do to help—be it by adopting, rescuing or networking—will be appreciated. Next time you stop in your vet’s office, ask of you can email them our list of dogs to print out and post on a bulletin board or on a clipboard on a counter. Be creative and you might just help save a life and be that one person who made a difference.

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