MeetUp with Us

Attend a Shelter “Glamour” Photoshoot


Through our Shelter Support Program, we partner with local, high-intake shelters to give homeless pets the best chance possible of finding new homes. We advocate for over 160 shelter pets a month, and have a 94% success rate in getting these dogs and cats into safe and loving adoptive or foster homes. It all starts with our “Glamor Shot Day,” when we visit the shelter to photograph, video, and get to know the personalities of up to 80 dogs and cats.

We work with dogs and cats of all breeds, breed mixes, ages and sizes. We then post their information online, advocate for them, and help them find new homes. We also hold adoption events to help rescued dogs and cats who are still looking for a home of their own meet potential adopters. If you love dogs and cats and would like to be a part of making their lives a little better, join us!


We need volunteer dog and cat handlers, photographers (*pre-approval required), video narrators, writers, adoption coordinators, and people who want to help by uploading videos to YouTube and posting pet profiles online. We also always need help posting to Facebook and Instagram, so you can still help even if you can’t make it to the shelter!  However you’d like to help, just let us know! Open your heart and meet other like-minded dog lovers who give a few hours of their time every month to get together and do some good for man’s best friend.

You’ll feel great, you’ll do amazing things for animals, and you’ll make some new friends as well.

Join us on to get started!