Shelter Support Program Wishlist

Support the UHA Shelter Support Program

On a United Hope for Animals Glamour Shot Days, UHA volunteers groom, photograph, video, and get to know between 40-60 homeless dogs and cats at high-intake shelters.

These photographs, videos, and bios help us save the lives of more than 120 homeless pets a month as we work to connect each pet with an adoptive or foster home.

Help support United Hope for Animals’ Glamour Shot Days with a donation of money or needed items. To make a monetary donation, visit our secure online Donation Form and indicate that the donation is for our Shelter Support Program. To donate needed items off of our Amazon Wishlist, contact us at .

UHA’s Glamour Shot Day Wishlist

2 EZ Up tents (10’ x 10’ with straight legs)

Flip or Similar Video Cameras, such as the Besteker 1920 x 1080 Full HD camera

SanDisk memory chips – as large a capacity as possible

Kennel/Slip Leads (Large and small)

Padded Chairs

A card table or other sturdy small foldable table for small dogs when we’re taking photos

6’ folding table

A few folding chairs, especially the padded types (we sit a long time!)

Grooming Equipment: Clippers, Scissors, Brushes, Eye Wipes, Nail Clippers, Adavantix or Frontline (for all dog sizes)

Large clips to hold blankets on fences for background drops

Soft type Dog Treats

Hand Sanitizer and Wet Ones/Wet Wipes

Squeaky Toys

Paper Towels

AA and AAA Batteries

Gel Pens, pens and more pens (we write a lot!)

Extension Cords

Paper Cups


Duct tape or masking tape

Grooming equipment

Video cameras: Besteker 1920x 1080 Full HD (HDV-312p)

SanDisk memory chips

Gift certificates to Petsmart, Petco, Centinela, and Target ( so we can buy the supplies mentioned here )

Contact us at for more information about donating Wishlist items, or go to our Amazon Wishlist and order directly from there! Thank you for your support!