Jane Austen: A Mother’s Instinct

United Hope for Animals generally deals with one dog at a time but occasionally we get an entire family all at once. That was the case with Jane Austen, a beautiful two-year-old female pit bull who came into the shelter with her seven newborn puppies last month after being taken from her owner, a breeder, who was arrested on charges unrelated to Jane and her pups.

Beautiful, serene Jane.

Could we be any cuter?








It was evident to all that Jane herself was quite well socialized and may have had some training. She was also very protective of her puppies but once she earned the trust of the staff and volunteers she was outrageously friendly –
to the extent that she would bring her babies over to them for inspection!

Luckily, we were able to pull Jane and her little ones from the shelter and were planning on moving them to two rescue groups, from where they could be fostered or adopted permanently. However, by this point they had grown quite sick with an upper respiratory infection. The vet was very concerned about two of the puppies, in particular, whose lungs sounded full.

We’re glad to report that so far they’re all doing much better, although they will need further treatment and monitoring until they are completely recovered.  

As the vet bills were an unexpected expense, we are welcoming donations to the ChipIn we’ve set up (see left). Contributions, however big or small, are appreciated.