Watson’s Mystery – And Happy Resolution

It’s baffling how some dogs end up at Baldwin Park. Take Lobo, for instance. Like around half the dogs at the shelter, he was found on the streets of El Monte, which has been described by many as “the stray dog capital of the world.”

Lowridin' Lobo gets ready to leave Baldwin Park shelter.

This gorgeous one-year-old red and white Corgi mix was clearly used to being around other dogs and people.

Indeed, his new owners, Heather and Mark, who adopted him a few weeks after he came into the shelter, describe him as “the sweetest and most gentle dog we’ve ever seen… He seems to love everyone.”

They speculate that he must have had an owner before as he’s so well behaved – he doesn’t jump on furniture, he doesn’t bark at anything except when he’s left on his own at home for a while, and as soon as they get out a bag of treats he sits down and looks at them expectantly, like he knows he is supposed to sit. He is obsessed with string cheese, to the point that he comes running when he hears the fridge door opening. He will do anything for it!

He has clearly had some training – although he’s very bouncy and likes to run around his new apartment and pull on the leash a bit on walks, so he could use more! He’s now enrolled in a novice obedience class.

His other favorite treats/toys are his squeaky hedgehog toy, Kong with peanut butter and bully sticks.  He has two crates and likes to transfer and stash toys back and forth between the two. Says Heather, “He runs around like he’s on a little mission – it cracks us up.” 

Lobo isn’t a huge fan of riding in the car but he is starting to relax a bit more each time he’s taken out… According to Heather, “I had the window down halfway the other day and caught him enjoying the breeze.”

I'm not sure I'm happy here… Let me sleep on it.

Heather and Mark also have an idea as to how he ended up as a stray. As Heather explains, “We think that he might have chewed through a leash – he’s gone through two already so we’re using a chain leash for now – and wandered off looking for a lady friend since he wasn’t yet neutered (that has since been remedied!).”

In addition to new owners and a new home, Lobo also has a new name: Watson. He’s a smart dog, so he should do it justice. He also has a middle name: Montgomery… in honor of El Monte, of course.