Suzette’s Surgery Surprise

Little Suzette

Suzette was found as a stray and into Baldwin Park shelter with her best friend. Her best friend was adopted….but Suzette was left behind because she had mammary tumors.

Her rescuer could not leave her there to die and reached out to her friends; the money to have her tumors biopsied and removed. The doctor was performing her surgery on May 25 when he noticed a scar on her abdomen. He thought she may have been spayed already but felt a hard spot under the scar and made an incision to explore further.

He was shocked to find a full sized, 5 inch pencil from eraser to lead, buried in her abdomen. He removed the pencil, finished her surgery.  He explained that the only way this pencil could have entered her body was through a purposeful incision.

He explained that the pencil was not in her intestines, but rather, embedded under her skin and therefore could not have entered the body through either orifice.

The pencil found in her abdomen

The doctor was outraged and shaken and stated this is the worst case of animal abuse he has ever seen.

Today Suzette is recovering nicely from both surgeries and is in good spirits and in a foster home where she is receiving lots of love.

However, because her medical care turned out to more complicated than originally planned, donations are needed.

If you would like to make a contribution for Suzette’s medical care, donations can be made directly to the vet – Southern California Animal Hospital (626-330-4558) in the name of “Suzette” – or to her Chipin at