Tucker Fundraiser

This here’s Tucker!! This lucky dog is certainly a toughie, he was hit by a car and lived to bark about it. Named for the way he has to “tuck” his back leg underneath him… and for good reason!

He was left at the Baldwin Park Shelter with a broken back leg and a fractured neck, and with no funds available to fix him, this little trooper sat in his cage in the medical ward, unseen by anyone who was looking for a new doggy to adopt, and destined to be put to sleep without anyone even noticing he was there. When we first discovered him, his sweet brown eyes told us a LOT.

He was very sick, in a lot of pain, and was giving up on life. It’s sad to think that a once wiggly and playful puppy no longer had the strength or the spirit to lift his little head.

We scooped him up and headed to Dr. Jones’ vet office in Santa Monica, where it was discovered that he had developed kennel cough that had progressed into severe pneumonia. Luckily, his neck healed on it’s own while he laid still in his shelter cage, and broken back leg isn’t in too bad of shape, so surgery will have him up and going for walks on all four legs in no time!! But unfortunately, little Tucker doesn’t have health insurance… That’s where YOU come in!


Tucker’s foster dad, Matt, will be participating in the California 2012 70.3 mile Ironman Triathlon this Saturday, March 31 in honor of, and dedicated to Tucker and all of the amazing people at United Hope for Animals (UHA), who spend their days and nights saving those who cannot save themselves, and creating a world where the relationship between humankind and animals is guided by compassion, and not cruelty.

They actively participate in the struggle to end the needless suffering on innocent animals through spaying and neutering, rescue, and adoption. UHA is also working with the Humane Society of Tijuana to help their extreme need for spay/neuter clinics, medical care, and they are working to help end the horrible practice of euthanization by electrocution of dogs and cats in shelters.

Your tax-deductible donation toward his surgery will not only give Tucker the chance to run and play like a puppy again after his broken leg has been fixed, but any donations that go beyond the money needed for his surgery will be allocated to SO MANY other sweet doggies and kitties who are awaiting their fates in the shelters. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL—OR TOO BIG!

With your help, we can help to ensure that many more can be rescued from those cold, wet floors, and placed is the warm, loving, and responsible homes that they deserve. After all, who else do we human beings look to for the pure and absolute unconditional love that only a furry companion can provide…?

We have a lot to learn from these guys, and anyone who has ever welcomed an animal into their life knows the answer to the question: who rescued whom?

*** Special thanks to the team of people who made it possible for us to rescue sweet Tucker: the Baldwin Park Staff and Volunteers, Linda D, Laura & the tireless people at United Hope for animals, Suzann, Dr. Jones & his staff, Tucker’s Foster Family and their vet friend, and YOU, for reading his story and donating to help us help him! THANK YOU!

Click DONATE TO TUCKER’S MEDICAL FUND (Select “Special Angel Rescue” and type in Tucker underneath) to help Tucker!

UPDATE: A big, HUGE thank you to everyone who was rooting for Matt as he set out to tackle the 70.3 mile California Iron Man Triathlon with a determination to not only finish the race, but raise enough money so that little Tucker could have the surgery on his leg that he so desperately needs.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this worthwhile fundraiser, Matt was able to more than $3,500! The donations will be enough to cover Tucker’s costs for surgery, his post operation care, as well as give United Hope for Animals a little extra to help save the lives of a few more sweet and deserving pets like Tucker.

It’s not every day that we are able to raise as much as we did during this fundraiser, and we thank Matt for charging thru the difficulties and challenges of an Iron Man Triathlon. When asked what he thought about when he was reaching extremes of exhaustion along his race, out of breath he answered, “Well, a lot of things! Mostly I reminded myself that I was racing for Tucker and all of the homeless animals out there who need someone to fight for them.

“And I thought about all of my friends, family, and co-workers who donated so generously… it gave me a whole lot more strength to keep going even when I thought my legs were going to just give out. Thanks so everyone for their love and support!! WOOOOO TUCKER!! We did it, little buddy!!!”

That pretty much says it all. WOOOOOOOO MATT!!!