Donate while you Search!

Help United Hope for Animals by using the toolbar while you search the web

For those of you who are pinching pennies this year, but still want to help United Hope for Animals do our vital lifesaving work with dogs and cats, consider signing up with and choosing United Hope for Animals as your charity.

One person just doing regular web searches and making occasional online purchases will raise about $1 per month for UHA, but if we get enough people to participate then $1 will turn into $10 and that will turn into $40 per month and so on.

As an added incentive, once UHA has 10 people signed on to participate, we will start giving away a free UHA baseball cap to the person who earns the most money for us on Our baseball caps are well made with a velcro closure to fit all head sizes. It’s a navy blue with our logo on the front and slogan on the back.

In addition, once you have started using Good Search, spread the word by adding a simple signature line to your emails: