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Spay & Neuter Program. An unspayed female dog, her mate and all of their puppies and their puppies’ puppies, if none are neutered or spayed, can create an additional 67,000 dogs within 6 years. Our Spay & Neuter Program is designed to help reduce this population of unintended pregnancies, and in turn lessen the suffering of all the resulting dogs then end up euthanized in shelters.


United Hope for Animals works in cooperation with Southern California shelters to facilitate the adoption and rescue of homeless pets. Our goal is to raise public awareness about animals in need in local shelters, and to give identity and dignity to the many lives that pass through our animal control institutions.


Perrera Program United Hope for Animals is a non-profit organization that has been committed to ending the suffering and mistreatment of dogs and cats in Tijuana and Southern California. Through us, and now with the help of the Animal Advocates of the US, these animals benefit from spay and neuter services in areas where families cannot afford them; rescue, adoption and foster care where possible; and additional support and education for those who will care for them.