We Have Our “I” on You, Izzy!

United Hope for Animals’ Shelter Support Program is dedicated to helping dogs in need of special care or medical attention. Izzy is its latest case.

Smile, Izzy! The hardest part is over!

Some dogs come in to the Baldwin Park shelter with all of the odds against them. Luckily for them, the shelter has the sharp eyes of United Hope for Animals volunteers who reach out to the most unlucky ones and give them another chance.

Izzy is one of the lucky ones. At the fragile age of three months, she was on death row at the shelter because she had an unfortunate combination of symptoms: Demodex mange, a skin condition that is easily treatable and rarely fatal, and kennel cough, another easily treatable but highly contagious respiratory condition that is more dangerous in puppies. To top it off, Izzy’s breed – something between a Pit Bull and Mastiff – is in overabundance already at the shelter and is more difficult than most other breeds to adopt out.

Our own volunteer, Claudia Angel, saw Izzy and scooped her up immediately, saving her life. But Izzy wasn’t out of the woods just yet; at the Southern California Animal Hospital, Dr. Kumar began treating her for her mange and URI, but the kennel cough developed into pneumonia. The vet hospital staff wasn’t sure if she would make it – pneumonia is a difficult condition to predict.

But low and behold, Izzy has pulled through! After a month at SoCal, Izzy seems to have made nearly a full recovery. After another week at the vet, she will be able to go directly to a foster home, or even better, into an adopter’s arms!

Stay tuned for an update once Izzy is out of the hospital!

If you’re interested in adopting Izzy, please contact UHA Adoption Coordinator Claudia at 626-264-2614 or

Izzy is getting better and better every day. Please consider “chipping in” even a dollar or two for her vet bill. To help us help shelter dogs like Izzy in need of medical care, please donate to our Angel Rescue Fund in the middle of the left column of this page.