Sweet Shalla

Special Foster Needed for this Sweet Girl

UPDATE: August 16, 2011

Shalla is currently in foster care with dog trainer Joe Zona, aka “Uncle Joe.”

After having Shalla in his care for only a few weeks Joe came to the conclusion that Shalla was a “highly socialized dog,” meaning she gets along with dogs of any size or disposition. Joe is working with an antisocial dog that is unable to mix with other dogs, but Shalla is so skilled with ‘doggie dynamics’ that she has actually made friends with it. According to Joe, it won’t matter what type of other dog her adopter has, she will be able to make get along with it… that’s just how she is.

Shalla is learning out to be the perfect houseguest. She is, however, convinced she is a lap dog. Her most valued reward is affection. Food doesn’t enter into the equation – instead, it’s “When and how will I get some lovin’?” When Shalla wants to jump in Joe’s lap without being invited he turns away and offers no affection. But she’s a fast learner and is quickly figuring out that if she sits quietly and waits she will receive her number-one desire: to be touched. Likewise, she has already learned that she must wait before passing through a doorway and let Joe go through first.

Joe knows that he has rescued a great dog – in his exact words, “This is a very special girl.”

 UPDATE: June 13, 2011

Shalla is looking great and her hair is coming in nicely. She is happy and active as ever. According to her doctor, she may be good to leave the hospital in about a week!

Shalla looking good

Shalla looking good

Words can hardly describe the condition of this poor Staffordshire Bull Terrier when we found her. Shalla was so used to suffering in this horrible condition that she seemed to be saying, “I’m so sorry. I must have done something wrong to be feeling so bad, but I don’t know what it is.”

Despite the incredible neglect she has suffered at the hands of an indifferent owner, this girl is ready and willing to receive and give affection, and holds no grudges. What is so sad about this is that conditions like mange are really not that hard to treat, especially in the early stages.

How she was brought in to the shelter.

Poor Shalla’s skin was so inflamed that it was cracking open and bleeding. I can hardly imagine what that might feel like. Please help us help her. We have received enough donations to cover her treatment but now we need that special foster to step forward.

It seems like these cases just keep coming in, but we are trying out best to draw attention to the dogs that are suffering the most.

This girl has such a sweet temperament we are really pleased that this improves her chances of getting out of boarding sooner and into a foster or adoptive home. Please share her story with everyone you know!

When the immune system is down or when they are puppies, dogs are more susceptible to an outbreak of Demodex Mange, but she didn’t get like this overnight, and the vet is going to document how is may have gotten this bad.

Shalla starting to recover.

Shalla is eager to interact with people and give and receive affection. Please help us find a special foster for this neglected girl.

Shalla has received her mitiban dip to help speed up the process of eliminating the demodex mange. It made her a little raw but Shalla’s spirit is so open, optimistic, social and loving, that she is always more interested in getting a little pat or hug then she is worrying about her current skin ailment.

It is all about the inside when it comes to Shalla – how big is your heart – Shalla teaches us to look past the surface and remember that what matters is to remain open to loving and being loved.

Shalla is still waiting for a foster home to welcome her, and as you can see she is not contagious, the volunteer is absolutely not concerned about holding Shalla close, skin to skin.

With daily treatments of her meds Shalla will be a furry love bunny in a matter of a few months – as beautiful on the outside as she clearly is on the inside.

Her chest is all healed and her fur is still patchy but starting to grow back a nice glossy black.

UPDATE 5/10/11: Shalla is recovering wonderfully from her horrible case of Demodetic Mange as you can see from the updated photos. Although her mange was not contagious she now is being treated for a fungal infection which IS contagious and she will be back to normal in about 6 weeks.

Happy Girl!

This 1-year-old  girl has the most wonderful disposition and would make a terrific buddy. Anyone who fosters her before the six weeks is up will need to NOT have other dogs. After that, she is fine and gets along with everyone.

Right now she is being boarded at the vet’s office and is getting Mitaban dips and Invermectin injections once a week.

If you are able to offer Shalla fostering please contact Kerry and/or Meena at: /