Call me a sentimental old fool but I was sitting watching an old (1998) music video from Faith Hill ‘Let me let go’ on TV and was thinking about past loves lost when Sarah jumped into my lap and I felt the total comfort of pure uncomplicated love for this little beautiful animal. I don’t know how you could have let her go after being with her for some two months. She is a treasure, so close to my heart; I am inspired by her gracing my life and my space. Thank you for bringing her to me.

John Mapleback

(Pictured Right: John’s other dog Buddy who is 15 years old.)

John writes:
“Sarah and Buddy (“puppy”) play constantly. They wear each other out. They are both eating lots of food and sleeping well. Sarah is so vocal she is quite funny; she makes all kinds of little squeaks and noises, both awake and asleep. She is a total delight and we all love her arrival in our home”.

Sarah, her brother and sister were abandon behind a dumpster in Tecate Mexio when they were only 4 weeks old. Gabriele, Sarah’s sister is happy and also living in a loving home; sadly the boy was not strong enough to survive.