Meet Sweet Martini


It seems that Martini has been a little too busy living it up in her new FUR-EVER home to give us a proper update!

Yes, it’s true. Sweet Martini – now “Chili” dog! – was adopted by a loving family in Los Angeles back in the end of July. Martini admitted to feeling horribly at not keeping us updated, so she sent us a few awesome pictures to make amends.

Much better than the kennel!

My human sister LOVES to play with me!

I was the missing piece in this family!

We are still asking for donations for our Angel Rescue Fund, which will pay for Martini’s surgery. The estimate total cost is around $900. To donate to our Angel Rescue Fund, please click on the Chipin in the middle of the left column on this page.

UPDATE: JULY 5, 2011

Martini didn’t get the memo that said she shouldn’t play too hard just yet. Neither did her canine chum! Here are Martini and Asta in action!

UPDATE: JULY 2, 2011
Martini checked out of the hospital yesterday. She is already putting weight on her leg and is doing well. Anna Garrison is fostering her. She’s not supposed to jump up on furniture or play too hard with other dogs yet — but she is walking around. She’s a little trooper.

May 2011

United Hope for Animals’ Shelter Support Program is dedicated to helping dogs in need of special care or medical attention. Martini is its latest case.

A one-year female terrier mix puppy, she was found in El Monte on May 6th and brought in to the Baldwin Park Shelter.

Weighing just six pounds, this tiny black bundle had a bad cut on her left foot that had gotten infected. She was clearly in need of medical attention.

Martini shortly after arriving at the shelter.

Even so, she remained calm and gentle and was very happy to sit in the volunteer’s lap while being photographed and filmed.

We took her to our vet, Dr Kumar, who discovered that in addition to the infected wound, Martini’s leg is broken. The infection needs to be treated and healed first – which should take about a week – before he can fix her leg.

Dr Kumar also noticed a slight cough, which he is keeping an eye on. If it turns out that she has kennel cough, this may end up delaying the surgery further.

However, she is young and a full recovery is expected.

When Rob, United Hope for Animals’ volunteer, drove Martini to the vet she was as quiet as a mouse and nestled in his lap for the car ride. Somehow, even with her injured leg, she managed to climb up and sit on his shoulder!

Rob said that even though she was in some pain and was uncertain about what was going on, she gave a lot of eye contact, looking for direction from him.

At the clinic she received compliments from the staff as well as the people in the waiting room, both on her sweetness and, considering she was in such bad shape, her overall disposition. She was very cooperative about being poked and prodded.

Martini being examined at the clinic.

Even with a busted leg that she has been living with for up to two months, Martini is such good company, and seems grateful to finally be in safe hands.

United Hope for Animals is looking for a foster for this wonderful dog. We think she’ll be a great indoor pet for an individual or family in any living situation.

Martini won’t be able to run around for a while, until her leg heals, so for now she just needs a crate and lots of cuddles.

But once she is well, the personality of this sweet and smart little one will bloom!

We are also asking for donations for our Angel Rescue Fund, which will pay for Martini’s surgery and boarding (until a foster is found). The estimate total cost is around $900.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Martini, please contact Laura at: .

To donate to our Angel Rescue Fund, please click on the Chipin in the top of the left column on this page.