Ann’s Run for Hope

Anne’s Run for Hope was July 23-25, 2007. Thank you to Anne and everyone who supported UHA and Anne’s Run for Hope.

Anne Langstaff is a marathon runner and an animal lover. She has run marathons before and often run them to benefit a charity but recently she heard about a cause that really needed her help… the animals of Mexico.

In Mexico thousands of animals roam the streets as strays… suffering, starving and pregnant they have nowhere to go. There are no shelters in Mexico only pounds where animals are euthanized via electrocution. Anne heard about how United Hope for Animals is helping the animals that need it most… those in Tijuana. United Hope for Animals has developed programs that bring supplies to the pounds in TJ. UHA also funds free spay and neuter clinics in Tijuana to the community and families who cannot afford veterinary care for their pets.

Anne hopes that by running the Badwater ultramarathon this summer and enduring the desert and grueling conditions she can bring awareness to the plight of the animals that need some hope. The Badwater Marathon, which will take place from July 23-25, is a grueling footrace covering 135 miles non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA in temperatures up to 130F. It is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet.

“Running for United Hope for Animals and animals in need in Mexico and the Southland will keep me focused during the intense heat and harsh conditions,” says Langstaff. “I will think about finishing the race and how I will hopefully be ending the suffering of animals with my run through the desert.” 100% all contributions raised through Langstaff’s run will go toward funding the programs United Hope for Animals coordinates to help the animals.

Won’t you please sponsor Anne and help provide hope to the animals that need us most!!!

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