A New Mom for Nigel

Nigel & Elyse

Nigel & Elyse

When Elyse was finally ready to own her first dog, she was excited to give a loving home to a pup in need.  She was very interested in adopting, but overwhelmed by the task of choosing the right pet, so she contacted United Hope for Animals for assistance.  We helped her find a great match from among the 350 dogs available for adoption every day at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.


Ready for a hike

Ready for a hike!



There is a large variety of all ages, sizes and breeds in LA shelters, and Elyse couldn’t wait to begin her search to find her own perfect pet.  After falling in love over and over again, she was able to narrow down her selection to four suitable companions, with the help of UHA Program Director Laura Knighten.  While each of the dogs she singled out for an individual visit were special, she just kept coming back to Casper, now renamed Nigel.  He stole her heart once and for all, and by the sound of their life together, she has stolen his!

 Elyse tells us a little about her experience finding Nigel:

“For my entire adult life, I’ve wanted a dog more than just about anything. Last Thanksgiving was finally the right time, so I visited the Baldwin Park Shelter and met with UHA Program Director Laura Knighten. I probably fell in love 50 times, but Nigel (then “Casper”) was the young dog that really stole my heart. Watching him proudly chase a tennis ball around the visiting yard was hilarious and charming. Since coming home, Nigel has been loving, sweet, sometimes frustrating, and always entertaining. He loves to hike, sleep in odd places and hang out with Charles, my parents’ rescue dog. We have a good thing going, Nigel and I. It’s cheesy but true: Nigel changed my life for the better and I’m thankful for him every day.”

Nigel sleeping

Sleepy Nigel


Nigel & BFF Charles

With his BFF Charles