“A More Humane, Holistic Approach to the Pet Overpopulation Problem” -by Chris Leclerc

Glamour Shot from the Downey Shelter

United Hope for Animals was featured in the June 2, 2012 issue of Mountain Views News.  Author Chris Leclerc records the shocking statistics of animals brought to LA shelters between April 2011-March 2012 : 57,640 cats and dogs arrived at the shelters, and a tragic 22,569 were euthanized. 

However, she also reveals that there is hope spreading for these unfortunate animals, through volunteer programs like UHA’s Shelter Support Program. 

We tackle this issue with a multi-pronged solution: through our  biweekly Glamour Shot Days, allowing animals to be seen and described to the rescue and adoptive community; by uniting interested adopters with the pets that would be the best match for their home and lifestyle, and assisting them through the adoption process; facilitating a monthly mobile adoption event; and by fostering dogs and cats until loving and permanent homes can be found for them.  With these ongoing efforts, UHA advocates for a lucky 160 shelter animals a month, with a fantastic 94% success rate! 

Read the article to learn more about the pet overpopulation problem in Los Angeles and UHA’s work here.